The 2009 Vampire movie Daybreakers is not your typical Vampire or horror flick.  Taking place in a not to distant future in which a plague has turned most of the human race into vampires, humans where given the choice to convert.  Those that did not were hunted down and put into blood farms.  Daybreakers follows the life of a vampire scientist played by Ethan Hawke who is looking for a solution to the dwindling blood supply.

Instead of being your typical horror film where the vampire’s are the bad guys hunting innocent victims, Daybreakers play’s out as more of a social commentary of the world we live in.  Exploring theme’s such as overpopulation, global food shortages and our own humanity, Daybreakers is a smart look into mankinds future on this planet.

There are a few scares, but this is more of a sci-fi thriller that just so happens to have vampires as the central characters.

Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, a twin brother directing team from Australia, Daybreakers was just their second movie they directed.  They will be teaming up again with Ethan Hawke when they make their next film Pedestrian, a Zombie sci-fi film that’s slated to start shooting in 2013.

The movie is filmed using a lot of blue and florescent lights that give the movie an erie, morgue like dead look to the scenes.  The cast is pretty decent with Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil playing the main roles.  It was met with mixed reviews and it seems like people either like or hate the flick.

I personally stand in the pool of those who liked it and thought it was a fantastic vampire film.  A shot in the arm of the vampire genre that plays out quite well.

Have you seen it?  What are your thoughts on it?


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