Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies is Zombie romantic comedy set for a February 1st theatrical release.  Based on a short story called I Am A Zombie Filled with Love by Isaac Marion, the internet went a buzz about the story so Marion expanded it into a full novel called Warm Bodies.

Judging from the trailer and the book itself, Warm Bodies seems to be a cute romantic comedy based in a post apocalyptic world plagued by zombies.  The story focus’s on a main character who is a zombie that barely functions (since he is a zombie) but has some limited thoughts.  He doesn’t know his name, but he know’s the letter it starts with.  While eating another man’s brains, he encounters the victims girlfriend witch becomes love at first sight and creates a slow transformation of turning him from zombie to human.

It looks and sounds cheesy, but it does look like a fun zombie film.  Perhaps not as comically absurd as the 2004 zombie comedy classic Shaun of The Dead, but in the same kin.  The emphasis here is on the love story and seems to be more in line with a traditional zombie flick then Shaun was.

Starring Nicholas Hoult who you might remember as Beast from X-Men First Class or as Tony Stonem from the UK TV series Skins, Warm Bodies also stars the ever funny Rob Corddry as his zombie best friend.  So you at least know where the comedy in the movie is going to come from.  To round out the cast Dave Franco (James Franco’s younger brother) and two time Academy Award nominated  John Malkovich (so you know the movie has to have some substance for him to sign on).

Borrowing some of the theme’s from Romeo and Juilette, Warm Bodies looks to be the kind of Zombie movie that you could have no problems dragging your girlfriend to.  As an added bonus it’s February release means it might just make for a great Valentines date that won’t make you want to claw your eye’s out at.

It does look creepy and fun, although I don’t think it will be too horrific.  But perhaps it will be since there is a sub genre of zombies in the movie that do look pretty evil.  It will probably just fit within the horror genre, although it seems today that horror movies are trying to break away from their traditional story telling and everyone is trying to re-envision the genre.  Either way, I think it will make for a fun ride with a few scares along the way.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself what Warm Bodies is all about.  And please let me know your thoughts.


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