Nintendo Wii U and Zombies

Nintendo Wii U Zombie U

In an attempt to bring back hard core gamers, Nintendo has just released it’s newest console the Nintendo Wii U.  With a $299us price tag, the Wii U picks up and expands where the Wii left off.  Now featuring full HD graphics with a 1080p resolution, the Wii U is faster, better, stronger and comes with a new controller interface or gamepad that not only has the standard buttons you would expect, but also a small touchscreen.

Moving away from casual games and giving the PS3 and Xbox a run for their money, Nintendo showed it means business with the release of Zombie U.  From video game maker Ubisoft, Zombie U is a survival horror game unlike anything we have seen from Nintendo.

One of the cool things about Zombie U is the that you play multiple characters.  However if one of them encounters a zombie and dies, the character then becomes a zombie and and will be permanently undead.  As well you will lose all of the weapons and items that player has amassed.  The only way to get those items back is to track down that zombie and kill them.

Zombie U is said to be more cumbersome then the usual first person shooter that fps fans are used to, but it still sounds really cool.  It’s been met with some positive reviews amongst the gaming community, but sources like Game Spot and Game Informer have given Zombie U some pretty lackluster reviews.

Check out a preview of the gameplay as well as how the new Nintendo Wii U controller works.

Overall the visuals look super creepy and the zombie vibe is definitely there.  As well the new controller does look like it takes gaming to a whole new level and is a million steps beyond what the Nintendo Wii’s Nunchuck controllers brought to the gaming industry.

All in all, Zombie U looks like it is going to bring the Wii U to new level of gaming experience.  Personally I am going to wait to see if more titles like Zombie U are released and then I may have no choice but to set up a Wii U next to my PS3.

It does look interesting. Let’s see how the holiday sales fair out for Nintendo. The question is, what do you guys think about it?

Check out more on Zombie U here or more on Wii U here.



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