Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Review

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abe Lincoln Killing Vamps!

It seems as if their is a trend in horror films at the moment to reinvent the genre.  We have seen it in movies like The Cabin In The Woods and the upcoming horror flicks Warm Bodies and World War Z .  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is no stranger to this current trend.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is purely a revisionist historical retelling of the life and times of one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America.  The movie would probably be pretty similar to the 2012 release of the movie Lincoln by Steven Spielberg, with one glaring difference…….  There are VAMPIRES involved.

Before you jump ship and start screaming about how absurd a concept this is, just be known that it’s done quite well.  The story is able to convey the idea of the historical facts, along with the legend of the man and add a whole new spin to it.  Written by Seth Grahame-Smith, who also brought us the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter seamlessly inter-splices historical fact with horror fantasy in ways unimaginable.

The movie is filled with action and is actually a ton of fun.  i originally saw it based entirely on the name alone and quite frankly was not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Even my girlfriend who hates horror and vampire movies loved every moment of it.

The story begins when a young Abe get’s into a skirmish with a local slave owner who happens to be a vampire that later that night kills his mother.  From that day on Honest Abe carries out a personal vendetta against vampires.  After meeting a sympathetic vampire he begins training on how to kill them……  While wielding an axe!

Along the way he discovers his political aspirations and is determined to create change thinking that it is the better way to go, but ends up being hounded by vampires the entire way.

The idea that confederate soldiers were also using vampires is as absurd as it is brilliant and the fact the Grahame-Smith is able to fluidly incorporate them into all parts of Lincolns life is a true testament to his imagination.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is definitely a film to watch.  Whether you are a fan of horror movies, vampire films or historical documentaries you will be a fan of this movie.  And if you are a fan of all three, it’s just an added bonus.

Just make sure you do the film justice and grab yourself a copy of the BluRay!

Watch the trailer here:

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Trailer


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