Started Watching Walking Dead………Finallly

AMC's The Walking Dead

So I just started watching AMC’s The Walking Dead.  I know finally.  I just find it hard to launch myself into these character driven, developing story series only to have the networks pull the rug out after a season or two.  With 3 seasons in the can and from the look of it, plenty more to come, I shouldn’t be disappointed anytime soon.

After watching the first episode I was instantly hooked.  What did it to me where two scene’s in particular.  The first scene that really lured me in was the beginning when Rick Grimes awakes in his empty hospital room, slowly trying to find someone and as he walks by the morgue the doors slowly creak and rattle until whatever is behind them tries to bang their way through. Then we slowly see hands trying to pry their ways out.

The second is when Grimes hides out in Morgan Jones’ house and we are left with the sight of his zombie wife walking up to the house.  Half knowing that she belongs there but can’t quite get the reasons why.

I finally see what all my friends on Facebook have been raving about, pleading with their friends not to post any spoilers.  The Walking Dead taps into something primal for all of us.  It takes us back to a place and time that lives in our deepest crevices.  A time when man walked the earth in fear of nature and the world around him.  When we had to really on our instincts and wit to keep us alive.  When food was scarce and you didn’t have the safety of calling 911.

It also plays into our doomsday fears.  A fear that consumes people, religious and not.  Which has been popular as of late with the current mystic behind the Mayan Apocalypse theories.  Just like in did in 1999 with Y2K.  Apocalypse scenarios really make for alluring story’s as they are a testament of the human will and spirit.

It’s really the perfect combination for a Zombie series since zombies themselves are quite primal in nature.  Constantly on the hunt for prey. Relying on their instincts over their intellect.

Plus zombies are really in right now.  Everything from the Resident Evil series to upcoming zombie files World War Z and Warm Bodies, zombie flicks seem to be popping up everywhere.

Thank you AMC.  I am hooked.  Now I just need to find a way to watch the 20 hours worth of episodes, which will be especially hard since the 1st episode left my girlfriend with horrible anxiety.


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