Is anyone else going crazy waiting for The Walking Dead to return?


Last night I sat at home and decided to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife.  In it, a group of survivors is found holed up in a prison protecting themselves from the horde of undead zombies outside,  All I could think of was, hey this is pretty similar to what’s going on right now in Walking Dead.  

This of course made me really miss Walking Dead and I now really can’t wait for it to return to AMC on February 10th.

What will happen to Rick Grimes and company now that they are holed up in their prison?  Will they suffer the same fate as those in Resident Evil?  Will they find out that they may be protected from the evils outside the walls, but then realize that they are in fact trapped in their own surroundings?  

I don’t know what to expect, but I can’t wait to find out when the show returns.  Season 2 may have been a bit of a drama snoozer, but so far season 3 is really ramping up into something fun, exhilarating and really quite exciting.  I cannot wait for it to return.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep watching other Zombie flicks to get my fix so I don’t lose my mind playing this waiting game.


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